Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KDE 4 Slotting Changes

Within the next week, I’ll be changing how slotting works with KDE SC 4 packages in the kde-base category. All KDE SC 4 packages will be moved into SLOT=4, from their current slots (which match the KDE SC version). This will cause portage (or your package manager of choice) to take slightly longer on the first sync after the update, but will allow much simpler upgrades between KDE SC versions. As all versions of KDE will now be in the same slot, portage will see a new version of KDE as an upgrade instead of a new slot blocking the old, which will considerably reduce the list of blockers during the upgrade (usually, it will reduce it down to exactly the list of packages that should be blocked anyway).

The reason that we introduced this slotting was to support USE=kdeprefix, which allowed you to install multiple versions of KDE simultaneously, in /usr/kde/VERSION. As we can no longer support such installs, the ability to do so has been removed, and with it, the need to have separate slots for each KDE version.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Missing KDE 3.5 Distfiles

Some of the old distfiles used in the kde-sunset overlay have already been removed from the mirrors. If anyone has copies of the following files, please let me know so they can be reuploaded:

  • kandy-icons.tar.bz2
  • kdepim-3.5-patchset-05.tar.bz2
  • kdepim-3.5-patchset-06.tar.bz2
  • kpdf-3.5.10-JBIG2.tar.bz2

Update: I've received all the files, thanks!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

... Is This Thing On?

Well, I finally broke down and created a blog. I’ll mainly be posting Gentoo-related stuff here, assuming I remember to update it.